Have Flexibility and Scalability with Public Cloud!

Organizations strive to come up with added-value projects, pushed by fierce competition marking their era. Although they implement projects more efficiently and conveniently thanks to the contributions of technology, this positive impact brings along complicated technology infrastructures that organizations have to handle. Organizations migrate some services from their own data centers to Public Cloud while keeping some applications still on-premise. Determining their applications and services according to flexibility and scalability requirements, organizations aim to derive the optimum outcome from migration to cloud.

Have Flexibility and Scalability with Public Cloud!

What are the Benefits of Clonera Managed Public Cloud?

Clonera Managed Public Cloud service helps manage your public cloud infrastructure end to end. Your systems may be stored on Azure, AWS and/or a local cloud provider. Your entire cloud infrastructure is analyzed and automated as needed, and run at world standards thanks to Clonera Managed Public Cloud service. Your system is monitored 24x7, thus helping prevent possible interruptions.



Local Cloud

Components of Managed Public Cloud Service

  • Proactive monitoring and alarm management
  • Error and request management
  • Problem resolution, change management
  • Patch management
  • Security updates
  • Performance and capacity management
  • Technology updates
  • Creating service management guides

- Reduced operational costs, increased efficiency
- Relief from the workload of managing and operating your public cloud infrastructure
- More improved it system thanks to planning and budgeting
- Instant response to problems and prevention of interruptions
- Infrastructure management in compliance with itil practices and global standards including iso 20000 and iso 27001
- Maximized control over the system thanks to executive guides and operational booklets/guides

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