Cost and Resource Optimization on Cloud

Organizations’ innovation journey, one way or another, points cloud with today’s technologies. It may be driven by the vision of the management, challenges of managing a data center, efforts to cut costs, and need for flexibility. A strategy is needed, though, before migration. A strategy not executed would cause some points not optimized. Indeed, hasty steps for boarding the ‘ship’ of innovation before a strategy is built result in high costs and poor performance in cloud journeys.

Cost and Resource Optimization on Cloud

What Do You Get When You Have Clonera Cost and Resource Optimization on Cloud?

§  A system analysis is made to best meet your application requirements with Clonera Cost and Resource Optimization. At the end of this analysis, recommendations are provided on how cloud resources can be used more cost-efficiently. They may involve virtual machines with excessive resources or systems that are only used in certain hours and thus do not require running 24 hours. Resource utilization is optimized to achieve savings as a result of these analyses. While cutting costs, performance requirements are also assessed. Systems are run with higher performance to increase efficiency.



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Rethinking Managed Services in the Digital Age | IDC Infobrief
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