Managed Operating System Program - MOSP

Turkey's most famous brands share their IT risks and workloads with Clonera.

Would you like monitoring of operating system alarms, log management or the implementation of critical updates to be removed from your work list? Thanks to Clonera’s Microsoft experts, it is possible to simplify operating system management.

Operating systems are a tool for running applications related to your company’s business units but keeping this tool in a working condition can sometimes be the main objective.

In organizations having many applications running on the server, while operating the most value-added applications in the most accurate and most efficient manner, IT teams spend a significant part of their time trying to keep their operating systems secure and operational.

Clonera monitors all parameters necessary for the proper running of the operating system with 24/7 working centers and professional monitoring tools and performs all preventive actions with Microsoft experts and reports them regularly.

What would be your advantages with the Managed Operating System Program?

  • Monitoring and controlling of Windows services
  • Controlling the logs on Service Manager
  • Implementing Windows Update operations
  • Controlling Ntp servers and Time Service settings
  • Event Log control (Error, Critical)
  • Performance monitoring
  • License procedures
  • Disk space capacity monitoring

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