Managed Backup Program – MBP

Turkey's most famous brands share their IT risks and workloads with Clonera.

Free yourself from the workload created by your backup!

How much time do you spend each day to ensure that backups are taken correctly, to process and resolve back-up errors, moreover, to make sure that the backups you have taken will work?

Would you like Clonera to follow the backup operation for you, intervene in the failure immediately, carry out the backup operation on behalf of you with professional monitoring tools and 24/7 working system specialists? And even without the need of an extra investment?

Whether you back up locally or on the cloud with your preferred application, Clonera manages this operation on behalf of you, informs you about innovations and best practice implementation, makes all backup performance visible with monthly regular reports.

What do you benefit from the managed Backup Service?

While getting started:

If you do not have an existing backup infrastructure or if you want to open a clean page by updating the existing one, Clonera makes this process easy for you.

Yedekleme politikalarının, best practıce uygulamalara göre gözden geçirilmesi
Sanal makine lokal yedekleme görevlerinin oluşturulması
Yedekleme yazılımının kurulumu /güncellenmesi
Fiziksel makine lokal yedekleme görevlerinin oluşturulması
Offsıte-backup altyapısının oluşturulması

In operation process:

Clonera proactively monitors and manages your organization’s backup media end-to-end 24/7 with both hardware and software components, relieves IT departments from a major daily operational burden and ensures that the backup data is reliably useable on demand. Thanks to the specialized operations management, which is run in accordance with ITIL practices, service quality is always kept at the highest level.
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring and management of backup data storage device.
  • Backup data storage device failure management
  • 24/7 Monitoring of backup software
  • 24/7 monitoring of local and remote backup tasks, immediate remote intervention in case of a problem
  • Analysis of backup times
  • Monitoring deduplication rates
  • Backup software license management
  • Examination and solution of the problems that may occur in backup operations
  • Management of the calls made to the manufacturer for backup software
  • Realizing the operations of callback from backup in case of a problem
  • Protection of the data integrity through periodic callback from backup tests
  • Active Directory object-based backup and restore operations
  • Microsoft Exchange object-based backup and restore operations
  • Share point object-based backup and restore operations
  • Microsoft SQL server object-based backup and restore operations
  • Oracle object-based backup and restore operations
  • File-based backup and restore operations


In the managed services provided by Clonera, you will receive a detailed operational report prepared by the service management and quality unit each month. Both at the executive level and through regular reporting with detailed technical information, your backup infrastructure will be highly transparent and manageable for you. Thus, you can make all the necessary improvements, you will not spend resources for unnecessary investments without any problem.

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