Existing Technologies Should Be Adapted to System Infrastructures Through Right Consultancy Services

Technology never stops progressing. And it will never do so. It is important to adapt infinite developments and updates in technology with the right methods and people. While powering existing systems, new technologies will also help develop the right strategy for desired innovations. An organization should be able to reach competent human resources anytime they wish at every stage of innovation and strategy development. Access to competent people will save organization’s time on this journey, cutting costs, increasing customer satisfaction, and --first and foremost-- driving successful projects and having a direct impact on the bottom line.

Existing Technologies Should Be Adapted to System Infrastructures Through Right Consultancy Services

What Do You Get When You Have Clonera Technology Update and Consulting Services?

Clonera Technology Consulting and Update

A detailed analysis is performed on each component of your system infrastructure to identify the requirements through Technology Update and Consulting services. Necessary improvements are planned and implemented as per the findings of the analysis conducted by experts. You can tap into this service for the improvement of your existing system or for required installations and updates to make sure your new products run compatibly with the existing systems. Since it is almost impossible to have full command over all technologies, IT departments can utilize this Clonera service to have a more effectively-running system, avoid wasting time on numerous problems and unexpected interruptions and spending time on more added-value tasks. 

Clonera Technology Consulting and Update

Enterprise System Solutions Consulting

This is a consulting service that covers the analysis of customers’ business processes, mapping out resource/technology requirements, the proposal of optimal models and solutions based on measurable data and developing projects accordingly, in the fields of server systems, data storage and backup systems, virtualization systems.


Network Solutions Consulting

Network Solutions Consulting Services cover specialized services to develop network technology solutions (LAN, WAN, wireless, etc.) that will best match customers’ business plans and problem, identify the gaps between existing customer infrastructure/systems/processes and targeted infrastructure/systems/processes, determine relevant integration requirements, propose improvements and/or audit customer systems’/processes’ compliance with national and international standards. Within the scope of these services, analyses are conducted on various subjects including capacity planning, performance planning, improvement/optimization and compliance with local/international standards/policies, and recommendations/models are developed.


Security Solutions Consulting

This consulting service includes, among others, identification of corporate security requirements, measurement of the effectiveness of information security investments, identification of security threats against information assets, and performance of 11/53 enterprise risk analysis.  Consulting is provided to assess IT security technologies and technology investments, provide information on security breaches, application improvement, and evaluate security policies.

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