Chicco End-Point Backup Success Story

Chicco is now able to back up all the endpoints centrally, almost without making an effort.

Turkey's most famous brands are sharing their IT risks and workloads with Clonera.

End-Point Data Threats Are Growing

Although IT executives continue to warn employees not to keep critical data on their computers, employees do not pay attention to this warning due to the intense workload.

Preventing loss of your organization’s data on end users’ computers, tablets or phones for various reasons, (loss, deletion, stealing or ransom) requires a considerable amount of IT effort especially if you are working with large field teams. Generally, it is difficult to achieve the desired result despite the available technological possibilities in the solutions left to the end user’s management.

Thanks to Clonera’s backup service at the file level with built-in deduplication, bandwidth is used more efficiently and data recovery / restore performance on distributed networks increase.

It is known that all solutions offered for end-user data backups do not provide equal protection. Institutions demand a solution that can meet all needs for the protection of the end users of organizations located in different regions.

Your computer may be stolen or lost, you can spill coffee on your laptop, your computer can be infected with crypto locker, hard disk may get burned. By means of Clonera, your data is instantly cloned and remote access to your data is provided.

With Clonera End Point Backup, you can back up 3 devices with a single license. (Telephone, Tablet, PC)


Only 36% of organizations believe that they have the power to reduce the risk of end-user data loss to the minimum. *

*The 2017 State of Endpoint Security Risk Report – Ponemon Institute, November 2017


Fast, dissemination that does not disturb the end user and is centrally managed

IT departments can make policy-based dissemination with tools such as SCCM, Intune, LANDesk etc.

Centralized management simplicity

All infrastructure center is easily managed and monitored through the management platform.

Ability to use on 3 different devices with a single license

Notebook, Tablet, Smart Telephone

Ability to make versions of the file

Instead of saving the same file multiple times, it provides the possibility to store 5 versions retrospectively.

Remote data deleting

In case the device is lost or stolen, it provides the ability of remote data deleting.

Data encryption

AES 256-bit data encryption

Web-based easy and secure access

Provides easy and secure application-based or web-based access to backed up data.

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It makes sure that your services are made ready for the disasters until they are improved.


Your computer can be stolen or lost, you can pour coffee on your laptop, cryptolocker can infect your computer, your hard disk may burn.



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