With Clonera services, we can help you grow with your recurring revenue model while maintaining the continuity of your relationships with your customers.

While technological advances are constantly increasing, many organizations need to create innovative solutions in the IT field and require reliable contacts and roadmates. This need brings concrete benefits for customers. Increase the value that you give and receive from your customers by using the strengths and innovative infrastructure of Clonera in the areas of managed IT services, business continuity, disaster recovery and backup services. We are opening the doors of an advantageous world with one-stop access to end-to-end and value-added services. We shorten pre-sales processes and facilitate repetitive revenue. Thanks to Clonera’s constantly evolving and updated platform, your customers can instantly benefit from all service innovations.

The IT sector is growing steadily. To be able to take place in this world is possible with a process of trust. Clonera, with its long experience and experience, helps business partners to maintain this relationship by guiding them on their journey to technology and digital transformation. Take advantage of Clonera’s consultancy and don’t be deprived of the advantages of technology.

The advantages of being a business partner of Clonera!

Recurring revenue through a joint sales approach.

With the support of Clonera in design, implementation, service and contract management, your company capabilities are expanding and your productivity is increased.
Turkey's top brands and added value that comes with being a public job with a rich ecosystem consisting of business partners and stakeholders.
Collaborative marketing materials and sales training given by Clonera to improve your business success.

Leave Your Job To The Expert!

10 Years of IT Experience
98% Customer Satisfaction
Certified Specializations
7/24 Proactive Engineering Support

Increase your revenue with Clonera.


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