Business Interruption Cost Analysis

Do you know how much money your company will lose if your IT services stop?

With digitalization, the data of the institutions that are in this journey of transformation must never be lost, and applications must be accessible anywhere and anytime. This new work environment created by technology raises very important questions:
How will you achieve business continuity as a company when your IT systems are interrupted? What will be the cost of this interruption to the company?

Most companies do not know how much money their company will lose if their IT services stop. Furthermore, many of them only calculate the cost of disasters after they happen. The Business Interruption Cost Analysis tool developed by Clonera shows what the cost of interrupted IT services will be to the company, before a comprehensive “Business Impact Analysis”.


This free to use Business Interruption Cost Analysis tool calculates the average costs that companies will face when their business is interrupted.

Companies can calculate the cost of disaster by entering their own data or using industry averages.

With Business Interruption Cost Analysis, companies can calculate the estimated cost associated with an interruption in their IT processes.

In order to calculate the costs that will be incurred in a real interruption, a detailed analysis needs to be conducted on the components affecting business continuity, in other words, a comprehensive “Business Impact Analysis” is needed.


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