Why Clonera

From computers to servers, Clonera
protects all of your digital capital.

You can insure other assets of your company, but not your applications.


You are well prepared against all dangers including data loss, server corruption, data center failure, personnel risks, theft, natural disasters, cyber-attacks and etc.


Clonera not only protects you against monetary loss, it also protects your reputation against employees and your customers.


You have a peace of mind about security. Your data, which can only be accessed by you, is maintained in a disaster recovery center with international standards.


It does not have any investment, personnel or data center costs. You pay for the duration of cloning with the package of your choice. .


You can resume working for a month with Clonera and you don’t pay anything extra for it.


You get support from a professional and well-established company. Your business is in safe hands with a qualified and specialized engineer support. You can get in touch with the engineers directly through our 24/7 active call center.


With the Data Cargo service, your big hard data is delivered to your location safely and securely.


You don’t have to employ any expert for disaster recovery. Both you and your employees can use Clonera with ease.


Your data that you have backed up{j}with your own resources may not be safe.

  • The backup that does not leave the data center
    is not safe.
  • Backups that are on tapes are not safe.
  • Backups that can be deleted or modified by
    your systems or your managers
    are not safe.

Clonera provides 100% reliability.


You enjoy the comfort of
unlimited use with the cutting edge technology.
There is no bandwidth limit.


You can test your disaster scenario whenever you want.


You can have access from any location,
in anyway.You can
put Clonera into use quickly and easily.


You can also get exclusive
about your digital capital and save time
current situation analysis, scenario, test,
and service risks.


You have a peace of mind
about your digital capital and save time
by focusing on your business.


You are well prepared for
regulations and audits.

CLOUD DISASTER RECOVERY AND BUSINESS CONTINUITY SOLUTION To get maximum service, here is the detailed information.

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