Managed Disaster Recovery Program

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Managed Disaster Recovery Program

We provide Disaster Recovery Services in order to ensure that the disaster recovery management of companies is undertaken by a single professional resource including any procedures, scenarios, strategies, and tests.

Our teams specialized at Disaster Recovery create the disaster recovery plans and procedures of your company. Changes in the current data center are reflected to any procedure, and the business continuity plans of your IT applications are tested. Our specialized engineers are ready 24/7. If there is a problem in one of your systems, they provide you the required support for failback and a return to your main data center.

The moment you sign the Managed Disaster Recovery Program (MDRP) contract,
the whole responsibility of the IT business continuity of your company is undertaken by Clonera.


Clonera provides packages based on your business
needs and expectations.

End Point Backup
per month 10 $
3 devicePC, telephone, tablet
200 GBtotal storage
AES 256encryption method
per month 129 $
0data loss
15 minutessystem access in
3 Daysability to failback
Managed Dısaster RecoveryProgram To get maximum service, here is the detailed information.

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