Managed Services

We assume the management of Network, Security, Infrastructure, Backup, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and reporting processes of our customers with systems and infrastructures at different levels.

In the event of an internal or external threat, cyber-attack, data corruption in our customers’ IT systems or natural disasters such as earthquakes and fires, we -as a part of business continuity- offer services such as designing the Disaster recovery center, providing business impact analyses and by creating possible disaster scenarios, planning, applying and reporting for actions to be taken.

Managed Infrastructure Program ( MIP )

  • Managing all servers at hardware and operating system level
  • Managing the entire storage infrastructure
  • Periodic reporting of all system operations
  • Monitoring the whole system and provide reports
  • Overseeing the change management, and reporting periodically
  • Overseeing the capacity planning and management, and reporting periodically
  • Preparing the operational guides,
  • Providing 24x7 help desk services

Managed Backup Program ( MBP )

  • Taking image backups of servers
  • Backing up server files and folders
  • Carrying out backup requests for new server files and folders
  • Carrying out Restore requests
  • Testing random backups for restore
  • Reporting any backup and restore operations
  • Preparing the operational guides,

Managed Disaster Recovery Program ( MDRP )

  • Carrying out business impact analyses
  • Determining critical services and systems
  • Preparing granular and full disaster scenarios
  • Preparing replication rules to FKM for services and servers based on completed analyses,
  • Periodic monitoring and reporting of replicas
  • Carrying out scheduled and unscheduled DR tests based on the created scenarios
  • Carrying out failback operation
  • Preparing reports for the conducted tests,
  • Changing the method and procedures based on the test results
  • Preparing the operational guides

Managed Network Program ( MNP )

  • Managing the entire network infrastructure
  • Analyzing the entire network equipment and carrying out improvement activities,
  • Monitoring the entire network infrastructure and reporting periodically,
  • Updating and monitoring the entire network equipment firmware and software
  • Preparing the related procedure for the entire network infrastructure management
  • Preparing the operational guides

Managed Security Program ( MsP )

  • Managing the entire security structure
  • Analyzing the entire security equipment and carrying out improvement activities
  • Monitoring the entire security structure and reporting periodically
  • Updating and monitoring the entire security system
  • Periodically scanning and reporting the entire system for vulnerability
  • Preparing the related procedures for the entire security system
  • Preparing the operational guides for security system and infrastructure

Customer Proactive Operation Center (CPOC)

  • 24x7 Help Desk Services
  • Periodic reporting and monitoring services
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management


Clonera provides packages based on your business
needs and expectations.

End Point Backup
per month 10 $
3 devicePC, telephone, tablet
200 GBtotal storage
AES 256encryption method
per month 129 $
0data loss
15 minutessystem access in
3 Daysability to failback
Managed Dısaster RecoveryProgram To get maximum service, here is the detailed information.

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