Clonera Server Backup

Your data is the only valuable asset of your business.

Clonera Server Backup provides a rapid, safe, cost effective data backup service for your company.

Easy to Install
You can install Clonera Server Backup with only a few clicks.
Modern Backup Architecture

Clonera Server Backup featuring the Veeam modern backup technology is perfect for covering your business needs. Thanks to Veeam Backup&Replication v8, the users can safely migrate their backups to the cloud.

Controlling the Bandwidth Usage

The ability to monitor the Internet connection by managing the backup processes.

End-to-End Encryption

Encrypting the data at the source via SSL is maintained while the data is on the move or immobile.

Object Based Lookup and Restore

With only a few clicks you can access any virtual machine, file or folder and restore it.

Basic Scheduling

You can schedule a cloning process based on your business schedule.

Disaster Recovery

After a disaster you can restore your virtual machine, virtual machine files, your disks, your operating system files with only a few clicks.

Complete Visibility

You can reach your data on Clonera Server Backup anytime through the console screen.

Fulfilling the Compliance Terms
With Clonera Server Backup security and documentation support, you comply with many compliance terms such as HIPAA and ITAR.
A Reliable Consultant

As a Veeam Platinium Partner and Gold Service Provider, Clonera is an expert on cloud based backup solutions with Veeam.

Starting from $0,28/GB

Get acquainted with our services by using the 30 day trial period.



Clonera provides packages based on your business
needs and expectations.

End Point Backup
per month 10 $
3 devicePC, telephone, tablet
200 GBtotal storage
AES 256encryption method
per month 129 $
0data loss
15 minutessystem access in
3 Daysability to failback
Managed Dısaster RecoveryProgram To get maximum service, here is the detailed information.

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