Data Backup

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Your business actually consists of your data. For this reason, your data should be kept safe, protected and accessible at any time.

Operating much more faster compared to the legacy backup services, Clonera Data Backup requires less resources and effort, and it is more efficient.

There is a 3-2-1 rule for backup. For security reasons the data should be kept in three copies. The backups should at least be in two different media and one should be sent to a remote location. In a disaster scenario, when you lose the data in the data center, your offsite backup should be reliable.

With Clonera’s data backup service, your backups are rapidly, automatically and safely moved to offsite. You can operate at a higher speed compared to legacy backup systems and you don’t have to hassle with periodic backup exports.

Clonera data backup service features



Clonera provides packages based on your business
needs and expectations.

End Point Backup
per month 10 $
3 devicePC, telephone, tablet
200 GBtotal storage
AES 256encryption method
per month 129 $
0data loss
15 minutessystem access in
3 Daysability to failback
Managed Dısaster RecoveryProgram To get maximum service, here is the detailed information.

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