Who are we?

By undertaking the workloads of the IT departments of the organizations, we ensure that they are managed in line with international standards and with the cutting-edge technology

Clonera is a READY, SIMPLE and REAL Disaster Recovery and Integrated Business Continuity solution that secures the Information Technology services of organizations.

While only 5% of the disasters, for which organizations and IT Departments should be prepared, occur due to natural causes, the remaining 
95% are other disasters such as data loss, data corruption, server failure, data center failure, personnel risk, theft, cyber-attacks or power outage.

Clonera is ready with all its resources at your disposal that is required for a real disaster recovery ranging from business impact analysis to disaster recovery tests.
By undertaking the workloads of the IT department to ensure that they are managed in line with international standards and with the cutting-edge technology, Clonera fires on all cylinders.
It covers the business continuity of organizations with technological infrastructure, know-how, experience and specialized human resource.
With Clonera, disaster scenarios, network access designs, installation, documentation, reporting and periodic tests are realized with ease.

BT managers handing their operations to Clonera to benefit from the rapid, safe, cost-effective, simple and flexible services:
Are free of their operational workloads and free up their time to increase the effectiveness of their organizations, improve business processes and realize their vision.

Focusing on the business continuity of organizations with its experienced and capable human resources, 24/7 support service starting from Level 2, ITIL Framework, ISO 27031 Process Consultancy, state of art technologies and international partnerships, Clonera provides such services as Network Security, Disaster Recovery, Backup & Data Protection, IT services, and IT Consulting Services.
Clonera operates with the aim of ensuring 100% customer satisfaction by turning every process into a success story with its advantageous and unique services.



Clonera provides packages based on your business
needs and expectations.

End Point Backup
per month 10 $
3 devicePC, telephone, tablet
200 GBtotal storage
AES 256encryption method
per month 129 $
0data loss
15 minutessystem access in
3 Daysability to failback
Managed Dısaster RecoveryProgram To get maximum service, here is the detailed information.

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