Membership Declarations

Membership Declarations

The service provider for (“Site”) subscription through our application that you have installed on your mobile device or used over the Internet is TRDATACLOUDE Yönetilen Servis Hizmetleri A.Ş (“CLONERA”).

Our company is a member of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO); you can learn more about ITO code of conduct at or by calling 444 0 486.

In order to complete the membership; you must enter required Member(ship) Information and the password of your choice, then approve/give permission and click [Subscribe]. Please note that you must enter the required information completely and accurately; if you notice any mistake, please kindly revise it. For the missing/inaccurate information that you notice after completing subscription process, you can Log In and revise it, or you can contact Customer Services by calling 444 84 39. The contract provisions are in effect for subscriber - customer information privacy, protection, processing and using, commercial electronic correspondence and miscellaneous issues for our Company and our Site.

The precautions necessary for the safety of the transactions and the information given by the members are taken in the systems and the internet infrastructure by our Company or the related institution, in accordance with the nature of the information and transaction. All credit card transactions and approvals in the course of your usage of our Site are carried out online between you and respective Banks and other Debit Card Companies independently of our Company. (data such as credit card “password” are not viewed or saved by our Company).

Data entered to our Site for subscription, purchasing goods/services and data updating, as well as classified credit card and debit card information, cannot be viewed by other Internet users.

Any and all intellectual and industrial property rights and proprietary rights regarding any data and content related to our Site and their reorganization, revision and partial/full usage belong to our Company.

Our company reserves the right to make all modifications deemed necessary regarding the issues above.

Terms of Use

Clonera provides the user a non-exclusive right of use to be exercised within the scope of the agreement. The user is obliged to use the system provided by Clonera for his/her own or for his/her company; not in the name of a third party. The user cannot make modifications on the system; reverting, dismantling, attempting to access to the partial or full source code of the system is strictly forbidden.

Terms of Payment and Cancellation


  • The customer pays the entire fee specified on the order created over the web site;
  • The fees are determined based on the services purchased, not on the actual usage,
  • The payment liabilities are not revocable and the payments are not refundable,
  • If the subscription specified with the order is increased or decreased by item basis, the service fees will be updated based on unit prices.

Billing and Payment

  • Unless otherwise stated, the fees shall be paid monthly. Unless otherwise stated on the Related Order, the fees shall be paid in advance via credit card or wire/EFT to CLONERA bank account. Following the payment, an invoice will be issued by CLONERA and provided to the CUSTOMER. The Customer is obliged to provide accurate and complete billing and contact information to CLONERA and inform CLONERA of any changes in the information in question.
  • In the event that the customer purchases the optional services specified in the service package details after the purchase order, and/or exceeds the usage limits of the purchased package, the additional service fees deriving from the unit prices specified in this agreement annex will be added to the monthly bills

Terms of Confidentiality

Confidential Information specifies any information that is disclosed by a party to another orally or in writing and is identified as confidential or reasonably assumed as confidential due to the context of the information or the conditions of disclosure.

Protection of the Confidential Information. The Receiving Party;

  • is obliged not to use the Disclosing Party’s Confidential Information for any purposes other than the specified purposes in this Agreement,
  • and to show the utmost care to protect the Disclosing Party Confidential Information as if protecting its own, excluding the instances where the written consent of the Disclosing Party is present.

For any reason whatsoever, the User and Clonera warrant that any confidential information gathered from each other shall not be disclosed to third party individuals or institutions. The parties warrant that all information gathered about the other party due to the fulfillment of this agreement shall be considered as secret and such information shall not be provided to third parties, disclosed, publicly announced; or any act that may result in disclosing such information shall be avoided.

User and Clonera warrant to take all precautions within their organizations to prevent the disclosure or distribution of the confidential information in breach of this agreement by their respective employees or agents. The non-confidential information, information obtained from other sources and information used by the other party’s consent is not covered by this confidentiality.

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